Our Services​


Installation, serving and repairs of domestic gas appliances such as boilers, fires, ovens etc. Boilers are A rated and come with up to 12 years warranty when installed by our engineers with annual servicing provided. Landlords gas safety certificates for your rentals.


Installation, servicing and repairs of jet fired oil burners and oil storage tanks. We are Grant accredited installers and offer the new blue flame burner boiler coming with a 10 year warranty. We site bunded oil tanks in line with current regulations.


Underfloor heating is possible on any property with traditional clip and screed system the most popular choice, however ‘overlay’ systems are now available allowing retrofitting with no floors needed to be lifted/dug out, simply lay it over the existing concrete/wood floor then your final floor finish lays straight on top.

Conventional or designer radiators.

Smart controls to control your central heating anytime, anywhere.

Air and dirt separation filters to keep your system working like new for years to come.

System flushing. Get that black sludge out of your heating system improving the output and efficiency of your boiler and radiators.


Unvented cylinders provide mains pressure through your hot taps allowing for mixer taps and showers without the need for noisy pumps.

Open vented cylinders, in areas of poor water pressure an unvented cylinder might not be capable of doing the job so a traditional open vented cylinder can be the option as the hot water is fed by the gravity of the header tank allowing a consistent flow. Pumps and power showers can be added to this system to improve water flow further.

Thermal stores allow you easily link up different heat sources. Combinations such as a woodburning stove (winter heating and hot water), solar panels (summer hot water) and a conventional boiler (to provide a back up). Other sources can also include a ground or air source heat pump.


CAD drawings and design to provide you with a visual of what your dream bathroom will look like.

Bespoke fitted furniture can often make the best use space within bathrooms.
Wetrooms are a popular choice if you have difficulties stepping in and out of baths or raised shower enclosures. We can install a wetroom with no steps or shower doors to navigate giving you easy accessibility.

Tiling is all in the preparation, we have a team that will prepare all surfaces to a flat level finish and complete any style or pattern you wish your tiles to be.

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Air source heat pumps run at a lower temperature than traditional gas/oil boilers therefore require good insulation within the property. The government are currently offering the ‘Renewable Heat Incentive’ scheme (RHI) which provide payments to the owner. Payments are made for 7 years and are based on the amount of renewable heat made by your heating system.

MVHR (Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery) provides fresh filtered air into a building whilst retaining most of the energy that has already been used in heating the building. MVHR works quite simply by extracting the air from the polluted sources e.g. kitchen, bathroom, toilets and utility rooms and supplying air to the ‘living’ rooms e.g. bedrooms, living rooms, studies etc.

A solar heating system uses solar collectors to absorb the sun’s radiation as heat. Solar thermal energy is used for domestic water heating, swimming pool heating or industrial water heating. It is a completely renewable source produced directly from sunlight and once installed, produces no carbon at all.


Flashings, chimney stacks and dormers. Nothing beats the look of traditional lead on roofs to keep your home watertight.


Soil & vent pipes to serve bathrooms, kitchens etc.
Rainwater guttering.